Saturday, November 7, 2020

In Washington, DC

After Fallingwater we drove on to Burke, VA, where we put Le Sport into storage. Daughter Rachel and her husband Will met us there and drove us back to their house in DC, where we spent the next 2+ weeks, house- and pet-sitting, catching up on TV, and visiting with our hosts as well as with old friends and former colleagues. We took some walks but didn't go in anywhere except for groceries and flu shots. It was the 2020 COVID-19 version of what has become an annual extended visit with Rachel and Will. Hopefully, our 2021 visit will see things return to normal.  

Our attending a protest at the SCOTUS did not go well...too
many steps...(it's a long story)

It was a great party, evidently, on 1st Ave., NW

Our two feline wards, Bianca and Peter; Bianca attempting to
get into the cat food bin as Peter offers moral support

Peter attempting to don a mask

On a long walk with Esther Mack, the dust-covered man on a
dust-covered horse, my favorite Washington monument, my
favorite American, guarding, as always, the Capitol, the

Parking on the Mall (not us)...haven't see this in years

Parking on the mall, 1974...that's our VW camper

The Mall on a Tuesday afternoon in 2020, scarcely a soul in

Best Halloween couple, Will and Rachel

Best Halloween yard decor (actually in German Village,
Columbus, Ohio, across from Schmidt's)
Best political yard sign

Camping at an Appalachian Trail parking lot en route to
Knoxville, where we are now
About as close as I will get to walking the Appalachian Trail

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