Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving With Penelope

Our next travels took us to Menlo Park, CA, where we had already spent major bits of 2011-2013 helping out with grand-daughter Penelope, this time enabling her mom and dad to take a much-needed mini-vacation. Below are a variety of pix from our stay. Thanks, Rebecca and Jeremy, and again neighbor Maggie, who put us up.
Trainspotting at Menlo Park Station; "it's a south-bound
Baby Bullet!"

Ice cream treat later; grandparents are big on ice cream treats

Ice cream notwithstanding, this girl still likes her broccoli

Thanksgiving head-gear from her wonderful

Positive reinforcement breakfast ice cream

Princess towel Grandma had procured years

Dressed up in Mommy's Wonder Woman outfit

Baking with Grandma

Testing great-grandma McCoy's pie crust cookie recipe 

Making pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving Day dinner; thanks, Marie Callander

And Thanksgiving Day tea party with Grandma; and with
pumpkin pie and scones and clotted cream

Riding the CalTrain to San Francisco

The Amazon Kindle store at San Francisco Centre; sic transit,

At the Oxymoron Shoppe

Chance encounter with a Santa Claus
re-enactor, who was trolling for clients;
P had a more formal photo opp with
another St. Nick later at Stanford Mall

Family Thanksgiving Dinner with parents and Poppy
at The Farm; thanks Rebecca and Jeremy for a great meal

And more ice cream!

1 comment:

Tawana said...

Love all your photos of precious Penelope. Cara and David will come here for Christmas...hope to see Jason's family mid-January. Still have ice and snow on the ground here...not as much snow as when you visited, but this had ice underneath and with the cold weather, has stayed around longer.
Hugs to all!