Sunday, August 10, 2014

Paris, 1900: La Ville Spectacle, 2

Continuing the Paris, 1900 exhibition at the Petit Palais...
More Mucha...

Still more...more than anywhere we've seen of his Parisian


Mucha up closer

A Mucha-designed bust; La Nature

Spoon-set, by the exiled Prince Bojidar Karaeorgevitch

Rodin's Amor et Psyche; lots of Rodin, also his hey-day

Rodin's Eve Fairfax, 1905; at this point, obviously, we have
moved beyond the 1900 world fair and to the city that
presented it...

Albert Maignan's striking La Muse verte (the glass of green
absinthe on the table)

One of several Monets of the period

And Renoirs

Renoir's portrait of Berthe Moriset and her

Paul Troubetzkoy, Mother and Child

And no end of Mucha, here illustrating a magazine cover

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