Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Homeward-Bound, Aloft In Luxury

We have done some long-haul flights: San Francisco-Tokyo, New Delhi-Sydney, Auckland-Tokyo-Honolulu, LA-Fiji, and many trans-Atlantic flights, many of them from central Europe to SFO. But we have never had a more pleasant flight than on July 31st, with Lufthansa, from Munich to San Francisco. Our usual protocol is to get there early, inquire whether the flight is over-booked, and, if appropriate, volunteer to be bumped. It doesn't work as often as it used to, but it worked in Munich, after a fashion. It turned out the flight was not over-sold, but the staff had assigned our economy/steerage seats to others, and "in gratitude" for our willingness to be bumped, the gate agents bumped us up, that is, up-graded us, to business class. Wowsers! Woof! The last time we were in business class was with KLH, in 1979, JFK to Schipohl, our first European adventure. I remember it well, especially the flight attendant's spectacularly successful efforts at getting me a rusty nail, sending forward to Royal Class for the drambuie. Anyhow, credit Vicki, as always, for this triumph of unaccustomed comfort and luxury.
OK, we are already boozing it up, just aboard, not even fully acquainted with all
the amenities

Vicki of course is checking out the sales literature; and shortly, now giddy with
the experience, we did a video, at YouTube,

The food was actually pretty good

My halibut

Her beef stroganoff

Her Charlotte, and fruit

My cheese and fruit; not pictured...my assorted digestifs, but not so many as to prevent
my watching Monuments Men, Hotel Budapest, and Casablanca; OK, it may seem
ungrateful to watch three broadly anti-German films while enjoying Lufthansa's

While she tried to sleep

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