Sunday, August 17, 2014

Notre appartement et notre voisinage

Pix of our neighborhood are scattered through the past hundred or so posts from Paris, but I thought I'd collect a few together and add some shots from our apartment, May-July.
Our street, Rue de Nice, just off Rue Charonne; Charonne
was an out-lying village until incorporated into Paris in the
mid-19th century; Rue de Nice was named to commemorate
Nice's becoming French about the same time (it had previously
been part of the House of Savoy, didn't you know)

Our apartment building; plain and simple and
unadorned, etc; the apartment itself was plain
and simple and unadorned; but adequate

We were on the 6th floor, served, happily, by the micro-

Somehow we managed to acquire fridge magnets
in Paris; the door was metal and had three
siege-proof locks

Living area

Dining area


Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2


Sun-dial/amphitheater in the big park down the street where
we would take Penelope

Fountain in the park

Little kids' play area

The butcher down the street; already shut down for the
August fermeture

The closest of three bakery/pastry shops, half a block away

An open-book landmark on Rue Charonne

The local Picard, on Boulevard Voltaire; one of the curiosities
of Paris, we thought: there are Picards all over the city, every
few blocks, like Starbucks in a US city; Picard is a strictly
frozen-food store...gourmet and international stuff...frozen;
this is where you can get your frozen sushi...!

Statue of Leon Blum at Place Leon Blum;
mostly by osmosis, I managed to learn a bit
of French history and politics

The part of the 11th we lived in was not
quite gentrified, although soon to be; anyhow,
scattered among the mostly residential blocks
were a variety of artisans' shops I always
intended to photograph...a shoe-maker,
carpentry/wood-working, even a shop that
made costume hats for historical movies,
plays, TV shows

And finally, the G20 at the corner; about half the size of a
7-11, crammed with the merchandise of a Safeway!


Tawana said...

Your apartment looks nice. Were there things you would have changed or wished you had?

Mark said...

Um, well, yes, but maybe I'll email you about it all. Glad you had a good time Chicago.