Friday, June 27, 2014

Pere Lachaise, encore

I met younger daughter Rachel at CDG early Monday morning and brought her back to the apartment. Her approach to jet lag, and most peoples' coming this way, is to fight through it as long as possible, stay up as close as possible to one's normal bed-time, and then, hopefully, get on a regular schedule sooner than later. For the fighting-through-it phase, we recommended a visit to the ever-popular and ever-fun Pere Lachaise cemetery, only a few blocks from our apartment, beautifully landscaped, quiet (except near the Jim Morrison site), stimulating in so many ways...not in anyone's top-10 Paris list, but in nearly everyone's top-20 or top-50. Although concerned about getting creeped-out, she agreed, and we made our--what?--4th or 5th visit to Pere Lachaise. We are actually learning our way around.
I love the fact it is on Rue de Repos

There are sites of great historical and cultural importance

Reminders that not all deaths are quiet and
of little moment (unless you're the one dying)

Oscar Wilde's tomb remains, I think, the most visited and
revered at PL

Among the love letters for Wilde; his tomb is all behind
glass, like the Mona Lisa

And the so-sad lines inscribed there

PL is also an architectural fashion show with
neo-classical, Gothic, not a lot of Art Nouveau,
but here also a bit of Art Deco

Street scene

The trees are beautiful and create shade, but there are other

Before it's all over, I will do a post on PL's
creepiest/goofiest tombs

Rachel was sort of creeped-out by this one;
fortunately it was at the end of our tour

Pere Lachaise closes at dusk; and they really want people to
stay out

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