Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Out-takes du musée du Louvre

Prolonged museum visits require preparation, both intellectual and aesthetic, sturdy and comfortable shoes, good health generally, adequate hydration and caffeination, regular rest and restoration (food) breaks, and an ample sense of humor. Warning: this post may contain material offensive to your religious/sexual/political/other orientation, if any.
"Oh, no, not another set of museum out-takes!"

Jesus strafing St. Francis

Unidentified saint puts on after-burners while freeing
prisoners from a jail

Always playing second lute while the other putti is a model
at the bosom of Mary...

One of Leonardo's weirder compositions;
Mother of God sitting on the lap of the
Mother of the Mother of God

Same model who posed for the Giaconda; am
I wrong?

Speaking of which; half the crowd is focused on the Mona

The other half is focused on the Lisa (it cracks me up that
Proust's housekeeper thought that Napoleon and Bonaparte
were two different (but very similar) persons)

"Phew...your turn!"

Baby Jesus' first Easter (important foreshadowing...)

Looking down at the wedding at Cana

Dante and Vergil doing their voyeur thing

"Next time we cross the Alps, I wear pants!"

David's colossal Coronation of the Empress Josephine

Key to the important players on the Coronation of Empress

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Rebecca said...

Love the rocket saint. That one is awesome.