Sunday, June 1, 2014

Les out-takes

Warrants repeating

At the very large pots and pans store on
Rue de Bagnolet

Mitt Romney worked here?

A center-left magazine...

Bridge of promises


New (to us) self-service ice creamery


La mort d'un pigeon

Everything's up to date in Kansas City...

Mannequin rehearsal at Galeries Lafayette

Monthly lunch schedule at the elementary school; sounds like
a fancy French restaurant to me...

A cat named Rubens

Flying (limping?) buttress


Tawana said...

I read somewhere that all of the "love locks" are going to be cut off. They are pretty interesting to read, but I have to agree they do distract from the historical aspect of the bridges.

Mark said...

I wonder whether the lock-makers' lobby will be as strong as the gun-makers' lobby in the US...

Rebecca said...

Love these out-takes! When you finally quit the road, you should do a photo book called Traveling the World: The Out-Takes. Great for the coffee table. :)