Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Plus out-takes du musée du Louvre

Prolonged museum visits require preparation, both intellectual and aesthetic, sturdy and comfortable shoes, good health generally, adequate hydration and caffeination, regular rest and restoration (food) breaks, and an ample sense of humor. Warning: this post may contain material offensive to your religious/sexual/political/other orientation, if any.
Have you ever wondered what putti wear in funeral
processions? Of course you have...and here is the answer

Far, far from the madding tour bus crowds, a fun display
on the Mona Lisa (who'd have thought the Louvre had a
sense of humor?)

"Don't make my butt too big!"

"Don't make my butt too big"

"Don't make my butt too big"

"And don't make my dick too small!"

We've seen all kinds of Janus figures from the classical world,
but this is the first multi-racial one...Hellenistic...

Hula-hooping was a major Olympic event

More male humor

Jesus calls in an air strike

Paul preaching at Ephesus...and burning books

"Oh, no!"

A popular theme in 18th century French art

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