Monday, July 16, 2012

Return to Dresden

We visited Dresden in 2010 (see many posts August, 2010) and were sufficiently impressed to suggest that Rebecca and Jeremy make it part of their tour. We were all there two days.
At the stellplatz, the owner spotted Penelope and presented
her with a dump truck to pull around the yard

Vicki visited the Green Vaults with Rebecca and Jeremy while
I watched Penelope; next day, we all got out and I took
some pix of Dresden en route to the Gemaldegalerie; here,
the Semperoper, that is, the Dresden opera, designed by
Gottfried Semper

August the Strong

Rebecca, Jeremy, and Penelope before the Dresden

The Elbe, not nearly as high as in 2010
Rafael's Sistine Madonna was its own
special exhibition at the Gemaldegalerie
this summer

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