Monday, July 30, 2012


We drove on to Freiburg and found the modestly-priced stellplatz, where we stayed a couple of nights. The first was an administrative day--the wash--the second we ventured the 20 minute walk into the old city.
On the walk in, a wild flower lawn at one of the apartment

Downtown scene

I like public transportation as much as the next person, but
when the sculpture is entrapped, it's a bit much

In one of the fast-flowing canals, a sculpture, The Crocodile

Soap bubble blowing machine outside a toy store; we're
very attentive to toy stores these days

Frau Merkel lemon press

Market day in the cathedral square; the marble merchant;
when was the last time you saw marbles for sale like this?

One of the beautiful burgher houses on the square

As elsewhere in Germany, outdoor sculpture everywhere

Leaving town the next day, a Goggomobil...cute, small 50s-
ish coupe; when it pulled away, it sounded much like a
lawnmower; further research revealed Goggomobils were
powered by 2 cylinder, 2 stroke engines, capable of 18.5hp;
a very powerful lawnmower; sorry, VW won that race

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