Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bad Wimpfen

Having concluded our business in Rothenburg obT, we headed south and west, aiming for the Black Forest and then Freiburg, before entering Switzerland to see Basel. We were drawn to Bad Wimpfen by its promise of a free stellplatz, which we found right by the train station, overlooking the Neckar River. Bad Wimpfen turned out to be a beautiful medieval town, something of a resort now, full of more half-timbered houses, towers, a wall, and a major surprise as we strolled about in the early evening.
The Neckar, from Bad Wimpfen, near our campsite

More beautiful old half-timbered buildings


And thus, which is actually a local bank, advertising "off-
line banking" and a logo of shaking hands

The steeples of the city church

I was so proud to get this great shot
of the steeples on a wall of a nearby

And then staggered to see that said tower had been built in

The Blauer Tower

Walls of the fortress, built in 1200, we learned, just following
the reign of Frederick Barbarossa, who had stayed in
Wimpfen some years before; part of his Holy Roman Empire

More of the walls

Secondary tower

About the fortress

The Kaiserpfalz, same vintage

Impressed by Bad Wimpfen, we drove on the next day on
the Burgstrasse, "castle road," along the Neckar

Taking in a few more castles; but the weather turned ugly,
and our drive through the Black Forest to Freiburg saw
mostly clouds and rain

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Rebecca said...

Wow! Beautiful castles in the distance--looks like a great drive.