Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Freiburg Cathedral

We briefly toured the Freiburg cathedral, spending a bit more time with the surrounding market day and downing a last couple wursts, but enjoying the cathedral nonetheless.
The cathedral as it appeared in the 1820s

In July, 2012; sorry about all the trucks;
market day was ending

The construction was largely sandstone and
in need of ongoing renovation

1295, right?

The usual Last Judgment tympaum at the stern, unusually
painted; the Hell section, of course

Nave view

Altar panel, coronation of the Mother Goddess; alas, I
didn't catch the artist's name

Because the putti peering out from under Mary's robes is as
cute as any of Rafael's

Speaking of putti, this is only the 2nd cathedral we have
seen in Europe that provided work space for the little ones

Very old medallions in the window here

And a nice sandstone Fall tympanum

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