Thursday, November 19, 2009


Salisbury Cathedral, highest tower in UK, one of the
highest in Europe


Choir, or Quire, as the Brits say

Cloisters; alas, pix were not permitted in the
chapter house

Downtown Salisbury, Sunday afternoon

After Stonehenge, we drove on the short distance to Salisbury, toured the famous cathedral there, walked the downtown streets, and stayed overnight in the coach carpark, for a nominal fee. The tourism season is pretty much over, and it is quiet everywhere, people settling now into the holiday pre-season.

Salisbury has never been one of my favorite cathedrals. The chapter house with its sculptures and collections is interesting--not least one of the oldest Magna Cartas around (there are scores, different editions, etc.)--but the cathedral, despite its great height, etc., is just too perfectly monochrome for me.
The next day, Monday, we drove on for an appointment with Gold RV in Alton, to have some further winter-proofing done on the Grey Wanderer. The work proved to be less demanding than expected, and, within an hour or so, we were off again, to London, and the Crystal Palace Caravan Park, south of the city. We found the Park with only a little difficulty and with some help from a Dulwich College instructor who kindly provided us with curb-side directions. We have navigated London without a SatNav on several previous occasions, generally long-lasting disasters, but this time, Tom-assisted, was really not bad. We spent the rest of the day setting up, as it were, getting our bearings, and so on.

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