Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Interlude: Our Oldest Companion

Neolithic dog from Avebury (at the museum)

"Our Oldest Companion...this is perhaps the earliest
indication of the British obsession with dogs...." Obession.
Indeed. I wasn't going to say anything. In three months on
this island, on every footpath, trail, track, up and down Ben
Nevis and Snowdon, on the beaches, at the landing grounds,
in the fields, in the villages...everywhere, we have seen
Brits walking their dogs. Most often there appear to be a
couple dogs per family, but, often, we have seen a single
person walking three or even four dogs. 
The dogs themselves are exceptionally well-
behaved, if perhaps a bit aloof. Well, they
are British. Their owners are a bit less well-
behaved, sometimes foregoing the injunction
to keep their pets on leads, and, less
charmingly, to pick up their pets' droppings.
The south part of the island is subsiding into
the sea, and I strongly suspect the reason
is not the movement of tectonic plates, but
other movements....

I rest my case

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