Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marine Spelunking at Tintagel

There are some huge and fantastic sea caves on the Cornish
coast and particularly at Tintagel
For reasons still unclear to me--except that my life insurance
policy was renewed and paid up recently--Vicki wanted me
to climb down to the "beach" and snap a few pix of the giant

So here I am on the beach, huge waves coming ever nearer;
I happen to know, having read Victor Hugo's Toilers of the
Sea many years ago (I am forever watching out for giant
clams), that the tide can come in very quickly in these parts
(i.e., Brittany, English coast)

Snapping pix, minding my own business, and then I notice
sea foam is blowing back out of the cave opening; lots of it

So I beat a hasty retreat; here is the beach 30 minutes later!

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