Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Day in London

US Embassy in London--no demonstrators!--we had to get
something notarized (it's a long story) and also have
additional pages pasted into our passports

Nice statue of Ike outside the Embassy

Selfridge's, very large London department store

Finishing up with another visit to the British 
Museum; an Egyptian tour

The Flood and Noah story, from the Gilgamesh Epic, book 13

Babylonian tablet letter and envelope (seriously)

A new exhibit, the Staffordshire Hoard, just
found in July, one of the largest British gold
hoard finds to date; we are seriously
reconsidering our decision not to buy a metal

You can never have enough hand axes, I always say

I don't think it's a chain, yet

We did lots of other things in London, not least lunch with Rebecca's friend and former colleague Anne, shopping around Covent Garden and Regent Street (well, looking...), and, the last few days, wondering why it was we were going to leave this wonderful city.

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