Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Western Highlands and Lochs

Little Guinard Beach, where we lunched

Loch Ewe; last refueling for the 600 ships that did the
Murmansk Run in WWII; the pier is a NATO refueling

Loch Maree

Mountains around Loch Maree

Lay-by overlooking Loch Carron

September 16 was a day of slow driving, with many stops, across the northwest Highlands and lochs, from Ullapool to the heights above Loch Carron, just short of Skye, where we presently are camped, at an incredible lay-by a couple hundred feet above the loch. Highlights included the gorge—deepest and thinnest I have ever seen—at Corrieshalloch, lunch at Little Gruinard Beach, Loche Ewe (Murmarnsk convoys), Loch Maree, and then finally, Loch Carron. Much of this was on one-lane roads, again, more crowded than yesterday, but not that bad. Everything was scenic—both the Highland and the lochs/firths, a beautiful almost too sunny day, warming to T-shirt weather. Dinner was, for Vicki, Tika Masala, and for me, after a Rusty Nail, of course, mixed seafood in a white Ricard sauce with rice, expresso, and then lemon sorbet. Life is very good indeed.

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