Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gimme That Old-Time Museum

Our experience at the Museum of Scotland was a disappointment. The building itself is a curiosity, at least in its setting. The museum is less chronological than theme-oriented, the themes don't work all that well (there's much they don't capture), the language tends toward nine-year-olds, the displays are odd and sometimes poorly lit or identified. All this in a structure and exhibition that is merely a decade old. Not a place to get your Charles, James, Bonnies, and Jacobites all in proper order. Nor to get much more than an oddly episodic and strangely organized notion of Scottish history. Oh well. We moved on.
Museum exterior on George IV Bridge

There were perhaps twenty of these "life-sized" transformer-
beings grouped together in the paleolithic area; look closely--
they are each holding or carrying displays of barely labeled
paleolithic artifacts

Drinking and driving...a Pictish depiction?

The Lewis chessman--from the Western Isles, the oldest
known chess-set (wait a second; I thought these were in the

Corliss steam engine

Uniform associated with 1745, Bonnie Prince
Charlie events

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