Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ascent of Arthur's Seat

Edinburgh is built on seven hills. No, wait, that's Chicago. But Edinburgh is in the midst of some very old volcanic country, and some of the old cones are important sites and landmarks. One is Arthur's Seat, which rises out of Holyrood Park and overlooks the whole old city area. We had walked the Royal Mile down to Holyrood Castle, but then decided not to do it--more pricey than we felt it was worth. Besides, Vicki wanted to go see the latest Harry Poppins movie and didn't want me around to spoil it, so she saw the movie and, owing originally to the advice of Montana friend Lyndel Meikle, I climbed the Seat. It was every bit as good as Lyndel said it would be.

Arthur's Seat, from the Ribs

Holyrood Castle, which the current Royalty use when on
Edinburgh business

Adam's Ribs, which I inadvertently climbed en route to the
Seat; never, no, always, look at a map before starting out....

A bay of the North Sea, south of Edinburgh, with volcanic cone

Summit view compass

Edinburgh Castle in the distance

It's true, I have a nose for blackberries

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