Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Elephant House and a Flying Dutchman

The Elephant House, where J. K. Rowling wrote the first several
tomes of Harry Potter; it is on George IV Bridge amid the
museum, national library and related buildings
The view out the back room windows is stunningly inspirational
Me, seeking inspiration; it did not come from the MacLachlan
ale, the worst beverage I have ever had

Vicki, who has read all the books and seen
all the movies, also was inspired
The decor is mostly representations of, um, elephants
We moved on at length to Usher Hall, where we saw and
heard a performance of Wagner's Flying Dutchman, by the
Hamburg Opera (part of the Festival); oratorio style, but
with the singers acting their roles as much as the setting
permitted; the conductor (conductress?) was a bit of a
dancer, but I guess that's the style these days; she obviously
had the respect of the musicians, and it was a memorable
performance, received gratefully by the fullest hall I have
ever seen

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