Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Une journée dans la 5ème et 6ème arrondissements

Sunday we spent in the 5th and 6th arrondissements, heading for an important rendezvous, but taking time for a little sight-seeing along the way.
We got off the Metro at Place Monge and immediately found
ourselves in a good neighborhood

A few minutes' walk took us to the Pantheon,
and adjacent to it, the church of St. Etienne du
Mont (we'll see the Pantheon later)

Knave view of this very interesting 16th
century Flamboyant/Renaissance church

What you come here to see, if you're merely into art and
architecture and history, is the beautifully-carved stone rood
screen, the last surviving in Paris

There's also the 1631 organ case, oldest in Paris

A bit of the unusual elevation, with catwalks and gangplanks

In the chancel

Among other worthies buried here is the
philosopher Pascal, famous, among other
things, for his Wager (look it up); he lost

More of the screen

If you're devout, you come here for the remains
and relics of St. Genevieve, patron saint of
Paris; her remains and relics were tossed into
the sewers of Paris in the Revolution, but, of
course, miraculously found and put back

Moving right along, we walked again through Luxembourg

Past many other interesting sights

Including the weekly roller skate parade through the Latin

To holy ground for philosophers and writers, on the
Boulevard Saint Germaine

And a wonderful rendezvous with Marc and Pat Johnson at
Les Deux Magots; Marc was chair of the Idaho Humanities
Council and then chair of the board of the Federation of
State Humanities Councils, all during my time in the
humanities in Montana; a great friend and a real public
servant; so good to see them here in Paris

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Tawana said...

One of the best parts of a visit to Paris is spending time with good friends. Glad that you got to meet up with Marc.