Sunday, June 1, 2014

Une promenade dans le 20ème arrondissement (continuer)

At this point, as I said, the city itself became more interesting than the walk, and we indulged ourselves...
Art Nouveau not in such great condition

When buildings come down, walls are exposed,
and the muralists go to work...

Doing interesting things..."beware of words..."

We finally seem to have found Chinatown...

And then, an alley where a lot of art has happened...

And is still happening


And more

I'd love to attend...maybe when my French is a little better

At length, we came to a Tunisian patisserie and indulged
ourselves a bit more...memories of the Spice Market, Istanbul

Art Deco Club

Restaurant Medievale...maybe a bit out of fashion?

And just a few blocks from home, the Church of Our Lady
of the Perpetual Secours


Tawana said...

I think that some of the best murals we have seen on the solid walls of buildings were in Lyon.

Are you going to do any day trips away from Paris?

Mark said...

Not while we have company here; no plans as yet but we probably will.