Thursday, July 4, 2019

La Manche

At Calais we shopped at the Auchon--much declined from previous years--and moved on to the Cite Europe humongous shopping center, which also provides an aire de camping-cars--and spent the night there. The Cite Europe and its Carrefours will be our new entry and departure point from the Continent. Anyhow, we made the crossing without incident, well, except for the unpleasant officer at the British Border "Force" demanding to see our tickets for leaving the UK. Fortunately, they were on our phones. Anyhow, we boarded, our 2019 visit to France and the Continent done, and sped off to Merry Little England.
Cite Europe was sufficiently impressive for me to want to May or June

Approaching British Border Force...with great apprehension

Adieu France, Europe...

Northward plies our ship, southward is fixed his gaze...

"White Cliffs of Dover?"

"You bring great Evil"

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