Saturday, June 3, 2017

Porto Scenes, 2

Continuing our fine first day in upper Porto...
Note: 1) much of the old city is under wraps, renovation; 2)
the up and down nature of the place; 3) the azulejos on the
churches (and later, public buildings); the azulejos are the
beautiful blue tile painting thingies...of which we will see much
more; typical Portuguese everywhere

Street scene

Artsy juxtaposition of tourist train and Carmelite churches and

U of Porto Old Main; nice gift shoppe

Wait, are we in Cuzco?!


Over the top azuleja wall on Carmelite churches; there are two
of them, a boys' and a girls'...more on this below


Inside, the usual South American gold leaf everywhere

Plus, in both churches, life-sized religious mannequins in
interesting poses

The city had a law, story goes, prohibiting his
and her churches from sharing a wall--go ahead
with whatever filthy thoughts you may have--
and thus, between the church of Carmo and
that of the Carmelitas, there is a 1 meter wide
3 story apartment that was occupied, so we have
read, until the 1980s; perhaps by persons of
bi-sexual orientation?

Plus the usual gold

Full frontal of the Carmelite churches

More art deco; by my count, construction cranes outnumber
church in Porto by 2:1

Interior of yet another interesting building

Tuk-tuk Central; as in Lisbon, Porto has a fleet of tuk-tuk
tourist taxis; all-electric, too, which is good, since tuk-tuks
generally are powered by super-polluting 2-cycle engines...

Inside the Clerigos church (but not tower)

Another beautiful old building; couldn't quite tell whether it
was being renovated or demolished

And more azulejas

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