Saturday, June 17, 2017

Camino Santiago Portuguese, 3: O Porrino To Redondela

June 9th was another 10 mile day, to the city of Redondela and a pensione there, the Rua do Media.
"I brake for peregrinos!"

Memorial to impressive local climbers

"I have built a retaining wall that will last forever"--Pubius
Maximus Flavius

Early morning coastal clouds

At a rest stop along the way, a Pilgrims' shoppe

We stocked up; seriously

Down the road, someone has turned part of
their proerty into a rest/vending area for us

Helping myself to an espresso

Wild gardenias

Among the nicer markers

Together with sun dial


Another Roman mile marker

Map showing Roman interstates XIX and XX

"Another 8k!"

Billboard advertising as you approach towns

In a wood

A dozen or more of these large granite tables; randomly

El Corte Ingles is the Macy's of Spain; there are "Chinos" in
every town, however, that is, dollar/euro stores where nearly
everything is made in China

This is how real peregrinos are supposed to dress

Peregrino costume at a store in Redondela

"Everything must go"; for retirement

Pilgrim Special at a resto in Redondela: bread, salad, wine/beer,
pork loin and frites; 7E

Entrance to the Rua do Media, a converted
residence, 4 floors, 8 rooms; 36E

Another early AM departure; not a single cafe or pastry shop
open for the next hour or more; the Spanish are not early

Virtually since Vila Nova de Cerveira we'd been noticing these
stone structures, up on stilts as it were; and wondering what
they were

Were we in Alaska, I'd say they were for hanging meat out of
the grizzlies' reach; evidently, the grizzlies here are pretty short 


Tawana said...

See, after that espresso, I would need one of those port-a-potties!

Rebecca said...

Those vending machines are a smart idea!