Sunday, June 25, 2017

Leon Cathedral: Exterior

Our next stop, wending our way generally east and south toward Figueres and then Barcelona, and then California, was Leon, the capital of Castille y Leon. Historic country, and a city we really liked for the two days we were there. Despite the heat. Best, I thought, was the cathedral, a late but very respectable Gothic, saved from collapse in the 19th century and then renovated to emphasize its origins, getting rid of most of the interior Baroque crap. The presentation, signage, a good audio tour, even a glossy cathedral magazine (cathedral porn?), only added to a great visit.
West facade

Closer up; not huge, but good sized

Nice, appropriately lurid Judgement


Even in the archivolts

Not so many funny faces in the Gothic world

Conehead: were they Goths?

Another tympanum (the third was a Mary tympanum)

Important Nativity

The whole was set apart in a large city square, large enough
to appreciate the majesty, the immensity, the centrality, etc.

The structure

And the flamboyant bits; it was even better on the inside

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