Sunday, May 18, 2014

À la place de la Bastille ! Et sur le marché aux puces !

Our days of setting up housekeeping, exploring, shopping, continued...we'll get to sight-seeing once visitors arrive....
On a walk down Rue de Charonne, just off which we live, toward
Place de la Bastille, to check out Septime and Le Bistrot de Peintre

Looking into La Chaiserie de Faubourg

Not making this up; the faubourg is St. Antoine, of 1789 fame

Peering into a hidden alley off Charonne

Opportunities to practice your dendrochronology everywhere

On the Rue de Faubourg St. Antoine, a new entry into the Burgeoning Burger
Biz; not sure the Frogs are going to like this, despite the "genuinely good
burgers" and "frogbeer"

Orange is the new...wait...wasn't that 2011? Or perhaps this
is the Auburn/University of Florida collection?

The July Column in the Place de la Bastille; the old castle/
prison is, alas, long-gone; my mind is busy replaying scenes
from the 1935 Ronald Colman Tale of Two Cities, regarded
by some as Selznick's warm-up for Gone With The Wind

The "new" Opera sits on the old ground

Leave your chopsticks at the a Thai restaurant in our neighborhood

Another day we Metro'd out to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, the big flea market at 
Porte de Clingnancourt; although we spent most of our time at the antiques 
market here pictured

It's a big affair

Few of the furniture dealers permitted pix, so I don't have many; but we were
really impressed with the art deco stuff that seemed to be everywhere (not
pictured here)

In the key-chain store

Alley scene


Mel u said...

I have been reading a lot of classic French works of Late, Zola, Proust, and Balzac. I will enjoy a vicarious tour of Paris through your great posts.

Anonymous said...

Or, big Brother, it could be the Mercer collection!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait! Love these glimpses of your new neighborhood.