Monday, May 19, 2014

Paris scènes, quatre: Montmartre

Marie and Norm arrived Saturday night, and on Sunday we were off again, briefly visiting Pere Lachaise and then longer at Montmartre. It was a beautiful sunny day, and it seemed all of Paris was out to enjoy the weather and the sites.
At Pere Lachaise: "Hi-Yo, Silver!"

At Pere Lachaise, another curiosity

Moving right along Metro Line #2

Best gelato ever, so far, seriously: Amorino's, in Montmartre

Pistachio, we have been told, is the flavor that separates the
great gelatos from the merely good; Amorino's pistachio was
the best ever, by far; the mango and coconut great, the
raspberry intense

Van Gogh lived here, 1886-88; with his brother, Theo

Les Invalides from afar

Super-size me!

Street scene

One of my least favorite churches

But the views are scene, Pompidou

Notre Dame de Paris; and more


The four of us, taken by a kind stranger

Planning ahead for Penelope

Street scene

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Rebecca said...

That's a great carousel! We received your first postcard today--Penelope loved see all the "castles"--aka cathedrals.