Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aboard The Epic

The Epic had more venues, restaurants, stores, theaters, facilities, etc., than I got to and certainly more than you want to see pictured here. Nevertheless, here are a few...
Any number of demonstrations, here, French cooking, most
a soft ad for the ship's many services, etc.

Or merely entertaining; all kinds of movies were shown...

Part of our stateroom/cabin/whatever


Ditto again

Staff were helpful, cheerful, attentive

15th floor, dancing, waterslides, pools,
hot-tubs, climbing wall, basketball/volleyball courts, etc.

One of the larger casinos afloat; Vicki says we lost either
$6 or $23, depending on accounting methods...

We took in most of all the entertainment


But the best-on-boat, by far, was this rock n' roll dueling
pianos thing, all requests, incredible voice/keyboard talent,
who could do anything from Bertold Brecht/Kurt Weill to
Billy Joel and Elton John, and more recently too (so I was
told); they did a very credible rendition of my request for
Blues Image's "Ride, Captain, Ride, Up On Your Mystery
Ship" which no one else in the audience really seemed to

And most especially this Michigan lady, Rhonda Hughes, I
think; her rendition of  "What a Wonderful World," part Louis
Armstrong, part Bert Lahr (Cowardly Lion) was a KO


Tawana said...

The Blue Man theater in Chicago is almost across the street from Cara's condo. We have seen them perform right here in Fayetteville at the Walton Arts Center, and laughed and laughed. I hope that the performance you saw was that good.

Maybe some day I can get Wes on a re-positioning cruise!

Mark said...

Blue Man Group, we agreed, was one of those once-in-a-lifetime things...