Monday, August 5, 2013

Penelope Among The Britons, 1

Normally I would continue with the chronological/narrative flow, such as it is, but, hey, this is the grand-parents' blog, and Penelope is the star, whenever she is available.
First day in Britain, with Mama at Harry Potter World;
Penelope, who is not a Harry Potter fan yet, stayed with
Grandpa in the camper 

Outside Alice's (Wonderland, not restaurant)
in Oxford

Asleep in the camper; it's impressive how adaptable young
children can be; well, this young child anyway

In the rose garden at Blenheim Palace,
collecting petals; yes, that's a Happy Meal

Riding the Blenheim train with Grandma and Grandpa; we
never miss a train

With Mama at Avebury

Born camper at Longleat

Feeding the deer at Longleat

Three generations at the family castle, Nunney

Princess in her castle

With Mama

At Nunney

In the dress-up room at The Vyne

Building a mud mound at The Vyne

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