Monday, August 26, 2013

Nostell Priory, 2

His lord- and lady-ship in the library; note the bust (in the
painting and on the wall

Moving right along to the game room, here is an 18th
century billiard table; most everything we've seen heretofore
is the far more substantial 19th century version

And here is the clock made by a very young
John Harrison...but it's not this clock for
which he is possibly the most famous of

Even with its nearly all-wooden mechanism; no,
as a clock-maker, Harrison spent most of his life
trying to solve the problem of longitude, that
is, measuring it, while at sea; what was
needed was a super-accurate clock or watch,
accurate despite the vicissitudes of
temperature, barometric pressure, the pitching
and yawing of the craft, etc. After numerous
designs, attempts, trials, etc., he succeeded,
winning the recognition (and prize) of King,
Parliament, and the royal maritime board; and

Up in the bedrooms now

And Guido Reni

Well-worn servants' stairs

"You rang, sir?" episode #5,732

Alas, impossible to get a good photo of perhaps the best
doll-house yet

One room, lens stuck right up onto the glass; incredible

Enlarge, read, and edify yourself: Chippendale the artist,
craftsman, and marketeer, making a catalog to circulate among
the elites, defining a market, etc. 

Sample pages from the Director catalog

Rose garden

Walled garden

Kiddie garden

All that's left of the Priory

On the grounds, a man having fun

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Tawana said...

I read a lot of books set in the Regency and Georgian periods and am just amazed at the fact that people...actually a LOT of people lived like this.