Sunday, August 25, 2013

Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 2013

We saw the Tattoo in 2009 and were thrilled. OK, you ask, how thrilled can you get watching a series of military marching bands in what would amount to (in Texas) a high school football stadium? Well, pretty thrilled. These are top-notch bands and entertainers from all over the world that have perfected their performances to the tastes of international audiences. And although the (temporary) stadium seats only 15,000-20,000 (I guess), it is on the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle, the lighting of which (and fireworks from which), is a substantial part of the show. A lot of it is quite folksy and corny (International Corny), granted, but that is part of the considerable charm. And then you have the massed drum and bagpipe bands playing "Scotland the Brave," and if that doesn't get you, nothing will.
Entrance of the massed drum and pipe bands; BBC was filming
that night and were all over

Mass drums and bagpipes: stirring; and that's just the start

The bands this year, or the ones we saw, were from Mexico,
Mongolia (!), Scotland, South Korea, New is

New Zealand; their Maori war chants were a hoot; and
watching the Mongolian band march off playing "Scotland
the Brave" was the ultra hoot

Massed bands

On the battlements, the Lone Piper closes the show

Next day we visited the Castle again; here the firing of the
1PM gun by the Master [Matron?/Mistress?) Gunner

And, in the Great Hall, a presentation by this guy on kilts
and warfare in the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie...never ever
seen a better such presentation...

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Tawana said...

Oh, we loved Edinburgh, but have never been there for Tattoo. They were setting up the bleachers when we were there and getting ready.