Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oxford Again, 2013

Rebecca studied at Oxford one summer a decade ago and was there another time too and so wanted to visit her old haunts again. We spent a pleasant day walking about, seeing the sights, the haunts, shopping, resting in the park, and more. Not pictured: lunch at Chiang Mai, a Thai restaurant that has become a family favorite since she discovered it and took us there in 1998. As sometimes happens, the food was so good I forgot the documentation. Not least the coconut ice cream served in the half shell.
We always go to the Bodleian Library, which had a special
exhibit on "Magical Books," aka fantasy, something Vicki
and Rebecca both enjoy; Professor Tolkien was amply

John Bodley, founder of the Bodleian: "we
must preserve our precious Bodley fluids"

I never miss the School of Metaphysics; which is now the
receiving office; sic transit, Gloria

Mailbox, the old-fashioned way; could have been a prop
from Harry Potter

Radcliffe Camera; and turbuss contingent

The glory of Oxford...yes, but how many players do they 
have in the NFL?


Us at the Eagle and Child, 2013

Chiang Mai Kitchen (from its own website)

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