Monday, April 15, 2013

Montserrat: The Holy Bits

The abbey and church go way back and are still famous for their art, boys choir, and as a spiritual retreat.
More of the complex; someone could do a really great
Mount Rushmore here

Another of the larger gift shoppes in

It's the abbey of St. Mary of Montserrat;
some really weird sculptures around...

Entry to the church

Benedictine Bracket

Inside the church

Aisles lined with these incendiary devices;
it's a Romanesque church and needs all the
light it can get; well, depends on your
contemplative vs. touristic needs

Graven image in glass case

Color-coded  candles

More weird sculpture

Better suits my iconographic tastes

Green candles, there

Vicki poses for scale with the Very Large, presumably Very
Important Candles


Tawana said...

We always light a candle. Don't know if I have seen the color coded ones before, though.

Mark said...

Really? I've always wondered who lights them. I always blow them out if no one is looking.

Tawana said...

Shame on you! I paid good money to light that candle!