Friday, August 24, 2012

On To The Pyrenees

Fortified by Jane and Gordon's hospitality and advice on touring in these parts, we set forth on the last leg of our summer itinerary, the Pyrenees and northern Spain's coast, as far west as the Picos de Europa. As with the trip generally this summer, it was in part new territory for us, and in part familiar territory, with new sights and undertakings.
Driving up the road to the Col du Aspin in the French

A bit more of the road, narrow, high, and very crowded with

At the Col d' Aspin

In a valley beyond, scores of RVs parked all over the

The big mountain in these parts is the Pic du Midi, radio
tower and all, here framed by cows and tipis

The road is/was a major leg of the Tour de France and so is
covered by bicyclistes and messages to bicyclistes

And RVs and other things

Monument to bicyclistes

We press on...

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