Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lourdes Drive-By Shooting

We tired of the Pyrenees. They certainly are popular with the French and Spanish and others, but are not nearly as impressive as other mountain ranges we have visited, even in Europe. Besides, it was very hot and dry and crowded and there is always much, much more to see in these parts. We proceeded on, and our path took us through Lourdes, one of the world's great religious centers (even the guidebooks say this is the Catholic version of Disney), which we drove through very respectfully and slowly since it was market day and there was no bypass. We took a few pix along the way. We visited Lourdes in 1989, and once was more than enough.
Does Vatican City have a wax museum?

Hotel de Ville

Market day

Important building

Parthian shot of important hilltop castle

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