Thursday, August 30, 2012

Donostia Fireworks

Each of our three nights in Donostia, after tapas, cultural performances, etc., we attended the harbor fireworks. Apparently, they do a week of fireworks here in August, inviting pyrotechnic companies from all over Spain as well as other countries. The setting and quality of the fireworks were great and the crowd appreciative. One has to assume Donostians know their fireworks. The first night we were inadvertently in the front rank of the crowd, as close to the launch site as you could get. (Later, we moved on down the beach as we learned where to catch the special event bus back to the aire). You could feel the concussion of every explosion, making it a visceral as well as visual experience. Here are several pix, plus a YouTube video at
The week's schedule: we saw the groups from Italy,
Granada, and Valencia

The crowd gathers

And gathers, the Jesus statue presiding over it all

Play ball!

Great color

Most of the action was up high, some down low

The Granada group was into shapes...I missed the smiley

And cascades

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