Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Salzburg: A Few Words of Explanation

The next six or eight posts, whenever we have internet long enough to upload them, are all about Salzburg. There are several reasons for this. First, Salzburg is the ancestral Sherouse (Scheraus) home. The Scheraus family emigated sometime in the 1730s, following Prince/Archbishop Firmian's 1731 edict expelling all Jews, Gypsies, and Protestants. The Scheraus's went first to Augsburg, then, in 1741, to the new colony of Georgia, settling with other Salzburgers at Ebeneezer and later New Ebeneezer, not far from Savannah. That's another story. Second, Salzburg is one of the prettiest small cities (c. 150,000) in the world, and a place with which we have considerable previous acquaintance. Third, it is one of the best-known music and festival cities in the world. W. A. Mozart owns the place; they even named the airport after him. And fourth, Salzburg has a very affordable tourist day-card, which, if used judiciously, can save a ton of money; and get you into a lot of places you might not have otherwise visited. We bought the 72-hour card, and it nearly paid for itself just in public transportation. Anyhow, on to Salzburg.

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