Monday, August 30, 2010

Still More Vienna

More sights from Vienna

Street scene in old town

Vienna's Rathaus, made up for the International Film

It faces the Hofburg Theatre, with a park and huge food
court in between the two

Food court

The Rathaus restaurant, where, in 1989, I had my first
cream of garlic soup; no longer on the menu...

Vienna plague monument

Midnight ride of Franz Josef I, Rathaus in background

The Hofburg, Austria's answer to Versailles (well,
technically, I guess that would be the Schoenbrunn, a few
miles out in the woodburbs); we went to the Hofburg in 89,
so skipped it this time

Mozart gets a nice statue, near the opera, but
he has to share this town with Haydn,
Beethoven, Gluck, Mahler, Schoenberg, all the
Strauss's, et al.

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