Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shoreham: Sex and Violence on the Allotments

The Brits are all over allotments--community
gardens, sort of, though more established and
legal--and here we saw a shocking advert on
"sex and violence on the allotments"--but
then remembered the great old Peter Cook
routine..."So I've re-written it a bit. I've given
it a new title. I've called it, 'Sex and Violence
Down the Mine.' And chapter one begins with
these three nude ladies; Beryl, Stella and
Margaret, and they are completely nude, and
they are wandering around the desert...

Shoreham parish church--Norman in shape,
but younger, the brick work alternating with
flint; flint...there must have been a paleolithic
axe factory nearby

At a Shoreham pub in a building dating from
the 16th century (another flatly states 1500,
AD), a re-creation of the ostler's station; the
ostler was the guy who cared for your horse
while you were at the pub; not too many of
these left

Beautiful Kent countryside

The Brits are just endlessly interesting. After Chartwell, we parked over-night at a public carpark in the hamlet of Shoreham, in Kent. There are a few score houses and buildings here, many dating from centuries ago. But there is always plenty to see, learn, and enjoy.

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