Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charlecote Park

Charlecote Park is another manor/fortified residence, dating
from the 15th century. Elizabeth stayed here two nights on
her return from her last visit to Kenilworth. But Charlecote
is perhaps more famous for 1) being Capability Brown's
first landscaping job, and 2) the site where, centuries
earlier, a young Will Shakespeare was caught poaching
and punished by the great lord. All this according to lore.
Will had his revenge in both Henry IV part 2 and in the
Merry Wives of Windsor. Power of the pen.

View of "new" wing from the garden

The River Avon, altered slightly to improve the view and to
add a waterfall; Nature was apparently never good enough
for Culpability Brown; in the distance, by the river, you
can see several deer, presumably descendants of those
poached by Master Shakespeare

Childrens' playhouse, beautiful thatching, wood-work,
paneling, stone hearth, etc. Let them eat cakes.

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