Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Beatlemania II

Mathew Street

The Wall of Fame

I think she was squeezing his bum; she says not

Exact Replica of the Cavern Club

Large display explaining exactly where the Cavern Club
was, and is, employing historical photographs, personal
testimony, etc.

Mathew Street is where much of the Beatles stuff is concentrated. Particularly venerated is the Cavern Club, where they performed some 292 times. Alas, the Cavern Club was torn down some years back, but an Exact Replica in Pretty Much the Exact Same Place Give or Take is there. Bricks from the old Cavern Club now comprise a Wall of Fame of groups that performed at the Cavern over the years, an impressive lot. About every two feet down the street is a bronze plaque asserting something like "On this spot, between acts, on the evening of November 23, 1962, George Harrison re-tied his left shoe; confirmed by his then-agent, Hamish Hornsby."

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