Monday, July 6, 2009

Driving from Spiterstulen to Sognefjord

En route from Spiterstulen to Sognefjord, a side trip up Leirdalen, the valley of the Leir

We were going to take the interpretive hike out to this glacer...

But they hadn't put the signs up yet

We followed the Norwegian ski team for some distance

Saw skiers at the pass

And cairns; they build cairns, hundreds of them, at every high point

It's not quite high summer here yet

Finally, our goal, Sognefjord, or at least its Lusterfjord arm; Sognefjord is Norway's largest, with many different arms and branches; here we are perhaps 150 miles from the sea; we'll continue along Sognefjord for a few days

Campsite on the fjord near Sognedal

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