Monday, June 5, 2017

Vila Nova de Gaia; and Port

Our goal was to cross the river to Gaia, walk a bit of the quay there, sample some of the better port, and then catch the bus back to the campground on the beach in Gaia. It worked out pretty much like that, except for some temporary uncertainty about where exactly to catch the bus. Not our best day with buses. But our two days in Porto ended well.
Now on the Gaia side
Looking back at Ribeira and Porto

On the river in Gaia; the gondolas are one of the scenic ways
to cross the river

We ended up at Sandeman's, a name I had been noticing since

I know very little about port; the Don enticed me

View from our table

I had the 10 year old tawny; and bought a sampler to take out

All kinds of stag and hen parties going on; and a great place
for them

Above the port warehouse district

And a last look at two pretty fine days

Back on the beach in Gaia

The campground was just across the road

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