Saturday, June 3, 2017

Porto Scenes, 1

We had a fine first day in Porto, Portugal's 2nd largest city. Greater Porto is built on the steep slopes descending to near the mouth of the Douro. On the south side is the city of Gaia, where the port (wine) warehouses lay, at the bottom. Porto proper is on the north side, with the oldest neighborhood, the Ribeira, on the river. One gets the impression that in Porto there are no real directions apart from up and down. We spent our first day in upper Porto. The campground attendant had wisely advised us to take the bus, #906, all the way to the end of the line, Trindade, at the top, and work our way down to the river. Not up. This is what we did, although we got only as far down as the Bento train station, with its incredible azulejos (later post).
Just off the bus, looking down the Placa da Libertade; beautiful
buildings, much construction and reconstruction; typical

Now in the Mercado do Bolhao

Interesting; seen bettter; mostly cheap cheap tourist crap, port

In the garlic department

Out on the street, interesting architecture

Street scene; note Amorino's on left: dessert!

Art nuevo here and there (see next post)

Another street scene, beautiful Friday afternoon

Art deco too

Jacarandas working over-time here too
Lurking behind the trees, the best art deco
McDonald's ever, so far

At the bottom of the Placa Libertade

Looking toward the Clerigo church and tower;
no, we did not climb the tower; this was after
lunch (next post)...

Plaza da Libertade again

Even in the upper town, beautiful old buildings all around

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