Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lunch At Porto's Cafe Majestic

It was lunch-time, we were hungry, I wanted to try Porto's decadent francesinha sandwich, and the Majestic Cafe, the city's best belle epoch cafe was nearby. Plus, the Amorino's was just down the street. Unbeatable combination.

1923 newspaper review of the new Majestic Cafe

Loved the "obstinate aged listlessly passing the time away" bit

We shared an order of the francesinha with frites

Agreed, it looks like it might be a caramel flan...however, what's
in there is...a foundation of Texas toast, a layer of sliced steak,
a layer of sausage, a layer of ham, all slathered in melted white
cheese, then launched into a sea of tomato/peppery secret sauce;
perhaps the original heart attack on a plate; another "once in a
lifetime experience," we agreed

But the decor was great

Tooled leather bench seating throughout

On, we waddled, to dessert at Amorino's

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Rebecca said...

What a gorgeous restaurant! And I'm jealous of the Amarino's...