Monday, June 26, 2017

Leon Cathedral: Interior

The interior was even better than the exterior...
Nave view...there's the usual choir, seemingly obstructing any
decent view of the majesty of the building

But wait! They've left the portal to the choir
open, and you can see all the way through to
the altar

The other great thing about Leon Cathedral is its glass; not 12th
or 13th century, but an overall aesthetic effect comparable to
the great ones

Again, peering through the choir to the altarpiece

In the choir, one bank of organ pipes, bristling with anti-aircraft
guns (normal in Iberia)


Up closer


More windows

Rose window

Chancel area

Altarpiece, appropriately International Gothic; the Baroque
stuff was removed a century ago

Chancel ceiling

Another rose

Side aisle

13th century Madonna and Child

Stomping on the serpents of evil

Aisle vaulting

Polychrome Mary, with child

Glorious color; neat place

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Tawana said...

Beautiful pix, as always!