Friday, June 2, 2017

Getting Juiced On Mateus And Hanging Loose*

If you're of a certain vintage, that is, Baby Boomer, you may recall Mateus, a rose' popular in the 60s and 70s which was the introduction to wine for many of us in that generation (I preferred the cheaper sweet whites from upstate NY). A candle burning in a Mateus bottle is a great 60s image. Although Mateus is not nearly what it was then, the chateau (casa) Mateus was just on the other side of the hill (an hour's drive), and I thought it would be a fun visit and tour and maybe tasting. For old time's sake. Sort of.
But when we got there we found that parking was 8.50E,
admission 12.50E (and no discount for Boomers), the garden
4.50E, and a single tasting, 4.00E; I think I have been to many
of the great vineyards/breweries/distilleries in Europe but
never have I felt as prospectively ripped-off (60s term) as here;
we had lunch in the camper and drove on

Later, at a Continente in Porto, I bought a
bottle of Mateus (for old time sake) and an
accompanying 187ml bottle (an offerta), all
for 2.68E

*Not. But the line is from Elton John, 1973.

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