Monday, June 5, 2017

Franciscan Church And Two Markets

We pressed on, working our way down toward the river. First was the Order of St. Francisco church, famous for its gold-leaf job and other items, then the stock market (more wealth), and then another (now defunct) mercado. Porto's sights are not very great. We did not tarry. Its little things add up to much more, however...shoppes that feature authentic and interesting crafts, everyday sights and sounds and smells, the urban environment, verticalized, buskers all around, the river, the wine trade...(also it was a beautiful weekend and everyone was out)...
Church of the Order of St. Francis; 14th
century; much adorned after acquiring gold
from elsewhere

Whole lot of gold leaf


Another stepped altar

The very famous polychrome carved Jesse

The Tree arising from an anatomically correct
region of Jesse; and Mary riding on top...

Crucifiction of Franciscan monks in Japan

Deheading of Franciscan monks in Morroco

Across the way, in the chapel above the
"catacombs" and the ossuary, a Madonna of
Sorrows, or possibly a scene from Carrie

Another stepped altar

Burial vaults of assorted bishops, et al.

Bones of less important persons

Yet another church, I know, but this is really
a shot of a seriously lost RV in deepest Porto

A beautiful old market building, now just a restaurant and
exposition center; sic transit, Gloria

The old stock market building...another sight

We'd already seen our quota of wealth for the day

Hank the Nav, pointing the way

Speed limit in an alley

Pretty bridge to somewhere

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